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MOON Lunar Globe: “The Most Accurate Lunar Globe”

by Joseph
MOON Lunar Globe

MOON Lunar Globe

Globes generally depict the Earth, and back in the days before online maps and GPS they served an actual practical purpose in addition to their decorative properties. Now our buddy Luna is getting some of that globe action, and the MOON lunar globe is the world’s most accurate.

The MOON lunar globe is a 1/20,000,000th scale accurate down to the smallest crater using the data from the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Equally accurate is the current phase of the moon, as illustrated by the rotating LEDs that light the moon just as the sun does at whatever point in time you look at it.

Also available in a larger size and a cheaper variant without the LEDs, the MOON lunar globe is having a very successful Kickstarter campaign right here, where pre-orders start at $425. Deliveries are slated for November, and you’ve got almost a month left to contribute.

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