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Monument: “The World’s Smartest Photo Storage and Management Device”

by Joseph


The internet and the myriad devices we use to connect to it offer plenty of photo storage and management options. But a lot of those options involve taking all your personal photos and putting them in the cloud, where God knows what could happen to them, unless you’re a Monument user.

Monument is also a “cloud storage” device, in a way, but the cloud in question is completely local and under your control, thanks to its numerous USB ports for hooking up external hard drives. Once your photos have been stored is when the real magic happens, though, as the device’s smart algorithms automatically index and categorize your photos by any number of specifications, meaning you can search through your photos by who or what is in them, or when they were taken.

There are also numerous backup storage options and various other features associated with Monument, all of which you can read up on at the product’s Kickstarter page here, where it’s already more than tripled its original fundraising goal.

Pre-orders start at $110, and deliveries are set to begin in September of this year.

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