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Monti-Birra Beer Glass Enhances Effervescence

by Joseph
Monti-Birra Beer Glass

Monti-Birra Beer Glass

Any beer enthusiast will tell you that in a good beer, flavor and effervescence go hand in hand – and beer just tastes better from a clear glass that shows off its natural color and gleam. But there’s another component to a good beer glass that can enhance a beer’s effervescent properties even further – the Monti-Birra Beer Glass.

The Monti-Birra Beer Glass has a bottom-mounted base that’s designed to naturally “enhance the effervescence” of your favorite beer, without you having to resort to any primitive tricks like swirling the beer around in the glass. You can also use the glass for other carbonated beverages, enhancing their bubbliness as well.

The Monti-Birra Beer Glass (or “Mountain Beer Glass,” so named for the glass’ distinctive shape) is available now from the Cool Material online store right here. It’s $54.95 for a set of two, which according to my calculations comes to about $.002 per bubble.

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