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Montblanc Artisan Edition Pablo Picasso Pen

by Joseph

Montblanc Artisan Edition Pablo Picasso Pen

The penmakers at Montblanc are now paying tribute to one of the most famous painters of all time, Pablo Picasso, with a new model pen bearing the artist’s name, and a pencil-and-cap shape and engraving that was inspired by some of his famous drawings.

As you can see from the above photo, the 18-carat Pablo Picasso Artisan Edition is in the shape of a pencil and cap, and features a simplistic design that the master himself would have almost certainly appreciated.  However, only 91 units of this limited edition pen will be available at Montblanc boutiques in September, for a not-so-generous price of $33,800 (I guess pens cost more than cars these days).  And for those of you who have a little more cash in you wallet to spend, you may want to throw a few extra bucks down and get yourself one of the 39 solid white gold versions of the pen, which are selling for $55,000.

To find a Montblanc boutique near you, visit their website, here.

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