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‘Monster of Ice’ Ducati Concept by Paolo Tesio (Pics)

by Joseph
Monster of Ice

Paolo Tesio is a designer who’s churned out various motorcycle concepts based on the Ducati Monster over the years. His latest is specifically engineered for wintry, icy conditions — appropriately called the Monster of Ice.

The Tesio x Ducati Monster of Ice, if it actually existed, would be the best way to traverse icy tundra just like Mad Max would if he didn’t live in a snowless, post-global-warming wasteland. The biggest culprit for that post-apocalyptic look would be the MoI‘s spiky snow tires, which are a true triumph of function contributing to form and vice versa.

You can take a look at the Monster of Ice concept at Paolo Tesio’s official site right here, as well as a bunch of his other work, including some you can actually ride. For the wintry concept motorcycle in question, you can take a look at a couple of renderings of the bike in the gallery below.


Monster of IceMonster of Ice

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