Home Entertainment “Monstars Back”: The ‘Space Jam’ Antagonists Return With Jordan Brand (Video)

“Monstars Back”: The ‘Space Jam’ Antagonists Return With Jordan Brand (Video)

by Joseph
Monstars Back

Monstars Back

On top of all the other horrible things that have happened this year, it also marks the 20th anniversary of Space Jam. That film was one of the first corporate cinematic behemoths, so it’s only appropriate that there’s a teaser entitled “Monstars Back” now on the internet from Jordan Brand.

For those of you who did not recently rewatch Space Jam for the first time in 20 years in order to record an ill-fated podcast on the subject: The Monstars refer to the team of aliens who steal the skills of various famous basketball stars and use them to try to defeat the Looney Tunes and then, somehow, take over the world. And now, “Monstars Back” indicates that, like all good villains, they’re coming back for more.

You can watch “Monstars Back,” which takes the form of some kind of pirated outer-space telecast, below. And if you like, keep your eye on further transmissions from those pesky Monstars at the Jordan Brand YouTube channel right here.


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