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‘Monoliths’: Concrete Ping Pong Tables/Sculptures

by Joseph


Ping pong tables are generally not thought of as being particularly sturdy, usually having only the minimum physical strength required to support a bouncing ping pong ball and maybe a can of beer or two, and no more. But not only are the ping pong tables represented in Monoliths a lot stronger than normal, they can also serve as full-blown outdoor sculptures.

Monoliths is a series of concrete sculptures by Laith McGregor and Murray Barker that are meant to be seen in sets of three. They’re kind of akin to those permanent concrete chess tables you see at parks in New York and other cities, only for a more kinetic one-on-one competitive game. The “nets” are made from bead-blasted stainless steel, and according to the project’s makers, “the concrete objects are grouped together to create interactive gathering hubs in outdoor social spaces.”

You can read more about Monoliths right here. And ideally, you’ll start seeing it or something like it in outdoor parks all around the world in the next few years.

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