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Monolith: Inboard Sports’ “First Skateboard With In-Wheel Motors”

by Joseph
Monolith Motorized Skateboard

Monolith Motorized Skateboard

I assume I’m not alone when I admit that I actually don’t know that much about motorized skateboards. They’re not exactly popular, especially compared to their traditional non-motored brethren, which probably has something to do with the bulky motors that have characterized them up to this point. But the people at Inboard Sports have developed a motorized skateboard called the Monolith, which they say is the first skateboard with the motors built into the wheels.

That design adjustment means that if you squint the Monolith looks almost like a regular skateboard, which is definitely a plus in the aesthetics department. It’s no slouch performance-wise either, with a top speed of 24 miles per hour and a ten mile battery range. It and its included remote can be charged simultaneously via USB, and there’s also an integrated smartphone app for maximum control over the board’s performance.

Even though the Inboard Sports Monolith motorized skateboard has over two weeks left in its Kickstarter fundraising campaign here, it’s more than doubled its goal. But you can still pre-order one there for $1200, with shipments expected to begin in September.

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