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“Money Manziel” T-Shirt by Nike

by Joseph
Money Manziel T-Shirt

Money Manziel T-Shirt

The current universally recognized nickname for Johnny Manziel is “Johnny Football” (attempts to change it via the power of hip-hop notwithstanding), but Nike is working on popularizing another moniker for their recently signed star via t-shirt, and it’s one that might fit his public persona a little better than the old one.

It’s “Money Manziel,” the nickname that references Manziel’s famous/obnoxious/cool (depending on who you ask) money gesture that he started using during his college football career. Nike is putting “Money Manziel” on a t-shirt, so if enough people buy it maybe the nickname will catch on.

You can see what the new Nike “Money Manziel” t-shirt looks like on someone who definitely is not Johnny Manziel in the picture up at the top, which comes straight from Nike. To get a “Money Manziel” t-shirt, just place a pre-order from Nike’s online store here, and you can expect to get it sometime after June 5th.

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