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‘MondriPong’: Play ‘Pong” With a Fine Art Twist

by Joseph


It has been said that life imitates art, but now it can also be said that video games imitate animated GIFs, as evidenced by the genesis of MondriPong, which started as a joke but is now a real Pong riff you can actually play, if you feel like killing a few minutes with some art.

In case you’ve spent more time playing video games than studying art history, you should probably know that MondriPong gets its name from Piet Mondrian, famous for his geometric paintings as part of the De Stijl movement that he pioneered. I doubt if he ever imagined his work being turned into a video game pastiche, but here we are.

Anyway, you can play version Version 1.2 of MondriPoing right here, although much like a trip to the art museum it’s better to bring a friend, since single-player mode doesn’t appear to have been developed yet – unless you want to control both sides.

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