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Mondrian Pepsi Can by Andrea Salamino: “World is not just Red” (Pics)

by Joseph
Mondrian Pepsi Can

Italian designer Andrea Salamino was evidently fed up with the monotony and repetition that characterizes the vast majority of advertising, marketing, and branding, and instead of just complaining or sighing angrily, he decided to create the Pepsi can he wanted to see in the world – and whipped up the Mondrian Pepsi can to demonstrate his own approach to branding and graphic design.

Accompanied by the tagline “World is not just Red” (which seems to reference Pepsi rival Coke, interestingly enough), the Mondrian Pepsi can is inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the extremely ahead-of-its-time geometric art style known as neoplasticism.

You can see what happens when neoplasticism meets Pepsi by taking a look at Salamino’s Mondrian Pepsi can in the gallery below. It’s just a concept rendering, of course, but for more of Salamino’s work check out his online portfolio here.

Here’s the gallery:

Mondrian Pepsi CanMondrian Pepsi CanMondrian Pepsi CanMondrian Pepsi Can

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