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Mondo Bava: NY’s Quad Cinema Pays Tribute to Mario Bava (Trailer)

by Joseph
Mondo Bava

Mondo Bava

I don’t often wish I lived in New York City, but a recent Entertainment Weekly article has me dipping into that pool of FOMO and cultural envy, courtesy of New York’s Quad Cinema. It’s Mondo Bava, “a near-complete retrospective” of the works of Italian filmmaker Mario Bava. Never heard of Bava? Well, that may be, but you’ve probably heard of some of the filmmakers he’s influenced over the last 4 or 5 decades, a list that includes Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Ridley Scott, and many more household or near-household names.

Bava is most famous for his horror movies, like Kill, Baby…Kill!, a new digital restoration of which is the centerpiece of the series, but he also made westerns, viking pictures, sex comedies, and supercriminal hallucinations, tastes of which are all included in Mondo Bava. If you’re in New York this summer you should definitely check it out, but if not you can press your face against the glass and watch the trailer for the retrospective below:

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