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Mondegreen: Short Film Pays Tribute to Misheard Lyrics (Video)

by Joseph


You may not be familiar with the term “mondegreen,” but you’ve undoubtedly experienced one in real life. It refers to the phenomenon of mishearing words in a song and thinking they’re something other than those intended by the songwriter and singer. The most famous is probably “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy” from the Jimi Hendrix song, but there are about as many as there are songs. Mondegreen is a short film by Esteban Diácono that pays tribute to this universal experience.

According to the filmmakers, Mondegreen is set in a “museum of mishearing,” with installations all stemming from a word that rhymes with “found,” after Found Studio, which produced the short. There are no misheard lyrics involved, but I guess it’s close enough.

You can watch Mondegreen below. And for more from Found Studio, check out more of their work on Vimeo right here.

Here’s the film:


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