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Mondaine SBB Giant Blackout Watch

by Joseph
Mondaine SBB Giant

Mondaine SBB Giant

The best timepiece designers take inspiration from everywhere, but give special attention to unusual and/or memorable timekeeping devices throughout the world. Take, for example, the new Mondaine SBB Giant Blackout, a blacked out watch inspired by the unique clocks installed at Swiss Railways train stations in Switzerland.

Even if you’ve never traveled Switzerland by train (something that I highly recommend, by the way), the Mondaine SBB Giant is still a pleasingly striking piece of craftsmanship, and its almost entirely black color scheme with a tasteful red second hand is stylish and somewhat Halloween appropriate. All in all, it’s a worthy and worldly addition to the Mondaine line, and you can expect to see Jack White wearing one any day now.

The Mondaine SBB Giant will set you back $325 at the Mondaine online store right here, where you can also check out other Mondaine joints (plus other color variants for this one) while you’re there.

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