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Mommy’s Special Glasses: Pornhub Unveils Its Mother’s Day Promotion (Video)

by Joseph
Mommy's Special Glasses

Mommy's Special Glasses

I’m not sure anyone outside of Adrian Veidt knows what this means, but there appears to be something in the zeitgeist that’s encouraging salacious Mother’s Day promotions this year. First there was Tender Wings of Desire, KFC’s romance novel starring Colonel Sanders, and now Pornhub unveils Mommy’s Special Glasses. If the principle of escalation continues, I’m genuinely terrified of what the next steps will be between now and May 14th.

Mommy’s Special Glasses are a free set of Google Cardboard-like glasses for watching porn with your smartphone, and they come in the form of a Mother’s Day greeting card that the site is giving away for free. Here’s Pornhub’s VP Corey Price on the obvious question of why they would do something like this:

“With Mommy’s Special Glasses our fans can now offer their mothers a unique gift that provides them access to VR content courtesy of their favorite adult entertainment platform. Here at PornHub we can think of no better way to thank and give back to all the moms out there for all their love, affection, advice and unwavering support”

You can grab a pair of Mommy’s Special Glasses at the product’s Special Site right here. And check out how they work in the – dare I say – humorous video about them below.


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