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Momentary Ink: Try Out a Custom Tattoo Before Committing

by Joseph
Momentary Ink

Momentary Ink

The whole point of tattoos is that they are at least theoretically permanent, which is why some people are reluctant to get one in case they change their mind about what they want later. Momentary Ink won’t guarantee your tattoo tastes won’t change, but it at least gives you a chance to give your custom tattoo a spin before committing to the real thing.

While the phrase “temporary tattoo” probably calls to mind those little stickers you used to get as a kid, Momentary Ink is a lot more useful from an adult perspective. You upload your own custom image to the service’s site, pick a size, and you’ll soon be the recipient of a realistic and moisture-resistant temporary tattoo that will last between three and ten days.

It can be a way to see how a tattoo concept will actually look on your skin before you commit to getting it done for real, or just a fun tattoo that will freak out your friends for a week. Prices start at $15, and you can get more information on the Momentary Ink site right here.

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