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Moleskine Timepage App

by Joseph
Moleskine Timepage

Moleskine Timepage

The makers of the iconic Moleskine notebook have already updated it for the 21st century, but evidently they weren’t content to stop there. Now, they’re launching Moleskine Timepage, an app for both the iPhone and the Apple Watch that will organize your day-to-day life in a typically stylish fashion.

Moleskine Timepage syncs up with Google calendar and provides a simple-yet-useful approach to day planning. For instance, scheduled appointments are displayed in the app beside pertinent information like weather and travel info, plus the location in which the appointment is set to take place.

All this functionality doesn’t come cheap by app standards, so the Moleskine Timepage costs an even $5. You can get a lot more information on the app, available now in both of the aforementioned iPhone and Apple Watch versions, at the official Moleskine site here. Hopefully an Android version to go with the Apple one isn’t too far off in the future.

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