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Moleskine Smart Notebook With Creative Cloud (Video)

by Joseph
Moleskine Smart Notebook

Moleskine Smart Notebook

Obsolete pieces of technology don’t get much more iconic than the Moleskine Notebook, but now the company is attempting to bring their famously low-fi brand into the cloud era, with the Moleskine Smart Notebook.

Don’t worry though, the people at Moleskine haven’t compromised their most famous product just to make it compatible with “the cloud.” Instead they’ve devised a novel way to put whatever you draw or write on their pages on the internet with simple markings on the pages, that in turn interact with the Creative Cloud app, which allows you to digitize and manipulate your creations as you see fit.

It’s a very cool idea, and you can get some more information about it from the Moleskine website here, where the Moleskine Smart Notebook is available for pre-order now (they ship around the end of the year). And you can watch a short video about what the Moleskine Smart Notebook and the Creative Cloud app can do below.


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