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Molekule Molecular Air Purifier (Video)

by Joseph


Molecules: What are they? No one knows, and no one will ever know, but one thing we do know is that you’re breathing an incredible amount of them through your respiratory system every second you’re alive. So it’s good that someone went and invented Molekule, billed as the first molecular air purifier in the world.

What’s a molecular air purifier? Unlike standard purifiers which simply block and collect harmful substances in the air, Molekule breaks down pollutants, irritants, and any other -ants that aren’t supposed to be in your lungs, and converts them into harmless elements on a molecular level.

Functionality like that comes at a high price, which is why Molekule is also quite expensive compared to standard air purifiers—currently priced for pre-order at just under $500, with its retail price set to be $300 more than that when it comes out next year. You can place a pre-order here, and check out the item in action in this video:


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