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Mojito Home Trunk From T.T. Trunks

by Joseph
Mojito Home Trunk

Mojito Home Trunk

If you’re a fiend for mojitos, there is only one clear choice the next time you add to your home bar setup (or start one of your own). It’s the Mojito Home Trunk from T.T. Trunks, a portable bar on wheels specifically tailored for crafting the perfect mojito.

Of course, the Mojito Home Trunk can be used for more than just mojitos, with its collapsible work space on top and TARDIS-like storage space in its body. Glasses, bar implements, cutting boards, and various bottles and syrups all have their place inside, and the whole thing folds up and can be rolled almost anywhere.

Now comes the bad news: the T.T. Trunks Mojito Home Trunk is an extremely high-end premium product, individually built to a very high standard of quality. I’m saying all that to preface its price tag, which is a little more than $50,000. If you can hack it, more power to you, but maybe even if you can’t, you might want to get a little bit more info at T.T. Trunks’ official site here.

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