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Modscape Reveals Cliff House Concept (Photos)

by Joseph
Modscape Cliff House
Modscape Cliff HouseModscape Cliff HouseModscape Cliff House

Modscape, a company that constructs customized, unorthodox living spaces, have unveiled a new concept called Cliff House. No, it’s not a small version of a house that keeps you from having to live in the real thing, but a house that would be actually pinned to the side of an otherwise inhospitably rocky and steep cliff face.

The concept was designed for Modscape clients “Emma and David,” who were looking for an unusual home on a particularly unaccommodating piece of property recently purchases by the couple. Cliff House is what Modscape came up with, a modular house constructed from stacked steel compartments and accessed through a top-level carport and elevator.

The Modscape Cliff House is still only in the concept stages, but you can check some pretty cool renderings of both the interior and exterior of the house in the gallery up at the top of the page. And for more, just head over to the Modscape website here.

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