Home Style Model Pranksters TV: Woman With Painted-On “Jeans” Walks Around NYC (Video)

Model Pranksters TV: Woman With Painted-On “Jeans” Walks Around NYC (Video)

by Joseph
Model Pranksters TV

Model Pranksters TV

It’s a common stereotype about New Yorkers that nothing fazes them, even things that might result in mass panic and chaos in any other city. While that may or may not be true, the people at Model Pranksters TV put it to the test, sending one of their models out to walk around New York City in broad daylight, and without any pants.

OK, so she did have pants on, I guess, just the (literally) painted-on kind. And the funny part of the video is that almost no one seems to notice that anything unusual is going on. Whether or not this was because people in New York have seen everything or because the people at Body of Art did a really great job painting on fake jeans is a matter of debate, which I guess makes this Model Pranksters TV project a success either way.

You can watch the painted-on jeans prank from Model Pranksters TV below. And to check out more from pranks from models, head to the Model Pranksters TV YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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