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MOC Nation: Custom LEGO Sets for Sale (Video)

by Joseph
MOC Nation

MOC Nation

In the world of LEGO, MOC stands for “My Own Creation”—a LEGO object that was made without the aid of instructions, and coming from the creator’s very own imagination. Now, there’s a way for you to somewhat counter-intuitively buy sets based on other people’s MOCs through the online store known as MOC Nation.

Basically, MOC Nation accepts submissions for LEGO designs from all over the world, selecting the best ones and turning them into their own unofficial LEGO sets for other people to make. Successful designers don’t just get their work featured on the site, but they receive royalties on purchases, too, so this could be a way for you to earn a tidy profit from your hours and hours of LEGO toil.

You can browse, shop, and figure out how to submit your own creations by visiting MOC Nation right here. And you can watch a nice promotional video for the brand below.


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