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Moby1 C2 Trailer

by Joseph
Moby1 C2 Trailer
Moby1 C2 TrailerMoby1 C2 TrailerMoby1 C2 TrailerMoby1 C2 TrailerMoby1 C2 Trailer

There are worse ways to travel than cramming your possessions into a travel trailer and hitting the open road (anyone who’s ever been on a long bus ride can vouch for this). But not everybody has the horsepower to drag a full-size travel trailer behind them—unless, of course, they have a Moby1 C2 Compact/Cycle Teardrop Trailer.

At only 300 pounds, the Moby1 C2 Trailer can be attached to not just a regular car, but even a motorcycle. With that kind of freedom, the United States is just begging to be traversed, isn’t it?

You can see a few photos of the Moby1 C2 in the gallery up top, and if you’ve got about $6500 sitting around, you can order one here.

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