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MOBOT: “The World’s First Foam Roller Water Bottle”

by Joseph


Water bottles are great for carrying water, and for drinking, but if for some reason you’ve ever tried to use one to massage your aching muscles, you know how inadequate they can be in that regard. Now, there’s MOBOT, a combination water bottle and foam roller massager that seeks to be an indispensable part of your workout routine.

MOBOT is billed as “the world’s first foam roller water bottle,” which is cool but doesn’t quite make up for the fact that its name clearly suggests that it’s a robot, even if it isn’t. And the combination of hydration and regular, on-demand muscle massage is a good one, especially for people who are regularly engaged in physical exercise.

Each handcrafted and unique MOBOT costs either $48 or $58, depending on which size you get at the product’s official site right here—where you can also get more information on the water bottle/foam roller.

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