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Mobb Deep x Supra Bandit Shoe in Camo

by Joseph

Supra Bandit Camo

It wasn’t too long ago that a collaboration between Mobb Deep and Supra was announced, and now we’re already seeing the first product to come out of that partnership. It’s called the Bandit “Camo,” and it stays true to its name with a camouflage colorway that includes touches of simple black.

These shoes are made with Supra’s special SupraFoam, which makes them lightweight, breathable, flexible, comfortable, and very eco-friendly.  In addition to the camouflage colorway, you can also get the  Mobb Deep x Supra Bandits in light grey, black, or in a black and olive leather design.

You can grab yourself a pair at Supra’s online shop now by clicking here.

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