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MixStik: A Guiding Light for Your Cocktails

by Joseph


The difference between a good cocktail and a bad one might be a simple matter of quantity, rather than quality, of ingredients. If you’re lucky enough for that to be the case wherever you mix your drinks, there’s now a product that helps you get those ingredient ratios exactly right – MixStik.

MixStik is equipped with LEDs that, when synced up to the associated app, correspond to how much of a given color-coded ingredient belong in your drink of choice. You just put the stick in the glass, pour, and mix, and you have a perfectly proportioned cocktail, and one less excuse for if it doesn’t come out right.

A Kickstarter for MixStik is listed on the product’s website as “coming soon,” so keep your eyes peeled on the site right here in the next few weeks for your first chance to support the crowdfunding campaign and/or pre-order one at an early bird discount. You can also check out the site to see some of the other fun stuff the sticks can do when they’re not measuring out cocktail ingredients.

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