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Mitte: “Create Your Own Mineral Water, Just Like Nature”

by Joseph


The tech world is still licking its wounds over that whole embarrassing Juicero debacle, when it turned out that you could save hundreds of dollars on “the world’s first home cold-press juicing machine” by simply squeezing the juice packs with your hands over a glass. So I have to give it up to the folks behind Mitte, who are daring to apply smart technology to homemade mineral water.

That’s not to suggest Mitte is the next Juicero, but it is kind of funny to see it claimed that the device purifies and mineralizes your water just like such processes occur in nature, while at the same time touting its WiFi connectivity. The WiFi is so your customized mineral cartridges get delivered to your door before the old ones go bad, and they’re all supposed to be engineered to fit your own water drinking lifestyle. Just like nature! And on a more serious, positive note, the company is also partnered with Water.org to provide a day worth of clean, drinkable water to someone who needs it for every liter you purify in your home.

Get the straight dope on Mitte at the product’s Kickstarter listing here, and don’t mind me – I’m just suffering from a Juicero flashback, that’s all.

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