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Miti Log Stove Needs Just One Log to Cook

by Joseph
MITI Log Stove

MITI Log Stove

Any outdoorsman will tell you that the first thing you do upon reaching the outdoors is gather wood for a fire. But what if you only needed one log instead of, I dunno, however many you normally need to get a decent cook fire started? That scenario is what’s offered by the MITI log stove from Sportes.

The MITI log stove, as promised, works by quartering a log and attaching the plate to all four pieces. Then you light it up like you would any other wood stove, only without the hassle of gathering a multitude of logs. And its stainless steel surface can be used to cook just about anything you might want out in the wild outdoors.

Best of all, you can get a MITI log stove for yourself in time for your next outdoor adventure over at the Sportes online store here, where the asking price is right around $50.

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