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Mirth Legal Beverages: Cannabis Drinks

by Joseph
Mirth Legal (image via Uncrate)

Mirth Legal

Now that marijuana is on its way to becoming legal all over the country, we’re starting to see products that make it palatable to everybody. This might mean that marijuana won’t be cool anymore in a decade or so, but that doesn’t mean that Mirth Legal beverages won’t pique your curiosity at least a little.

Like the name says, the drinks under the Mirth Legal umbrella are totally legal—in certain states, that is. One of those states is Washington, where the drinks are made and infused with a potent cannabis extract. Mirth Legal beverages come in several different flavors, including cold brew coffee and sparkling pomegranate, all of which promise their own unique “experience.”  (We’re approaching an era in which advertisers will be able to say “this product will get you high.”  What an exciting time.)

Legal beverages from Mirth Provisions will hit store shelves in selected areas at some point in the future, but for now you can get some more information from the product’s web site here.

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