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Mir: “Unbuilt Architecture” for Architectural Flights of Fancy

by Joseph


Architecture is great and all, but if there’s one thing holding it back as an art form it’s that it’s fundamentally beholden to the rules of our physical world. But even architects dream, and Mir is a studio that showcases the results, which they refer to as “unbuilt architecture.”

The pieces seen at Mir aren’t total whacked-out fantasy jobs, however – most of them are merely a step or two removed from what’s going on in architecture now. They include simple urban dwellings all the way up to bridges and office complexes, all of them stylish and in most cases, literally too good to be true.

You can check out what Mir has to offer at the studio’s official site here, where you can see pictures and animations of all their incredible pieces on display. And if you start seeing them popping up in your dreams, you can thank them for their work later.

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