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Minipresso: Make Espresso By Hand, Anywhere (Video)

by Joseph


You’re out in the bush, with nothing but your wits about you, shivering, starving, alone, and afraid. It’s raining, and there are all sorts of scary sounds coming from deep in the jungle, as well as deadly predators and perilous subtropical diseases. Wouldn’t that just be the perfect time for an espresso? With Minipresso from Wacaco, you don’t need a huge espresso machine for a cup of the beverage – you can churn it out by hand whenever (and wherever) you want.

Portable espresso machines have previously depended on electricity, battery power, or special nitrous oxide cartridges to work, but Minipresso simplifies the whole process, which is claimed to require less effort than inflating a bicycle tire. You also supply the coffee grounds and the water, and after a couple minutes of pumping you have a tasty shot of espresso, and hopefully enough of a caffeine charge to outrun that hungry bear.

Minipresso has a really cool website you can check out here, where $39 pre-orders are being accepted now. And you can see a video featuring the Minipresso in action below.

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