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Minim Playing Cards: Cards Without All the Nonsense

by Joseph
Minim Playing Cards

Minim Playing Cards

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been seated at a card game with a few friends, only to throw my hands up in frustration at the overwhelming visual information printed on each and every playing card. “Is this the Jack of Hearts or some kind of modern art piece about hearts?,” I ask my friends, who are all in complete agreement with me. Thankfully, the end of those dark days is now at hand, thanks to Minim Playing Cards.

As the name suggests, Minim Playing Cards give you the absolute bare minimum of visual information required to use playing cards—if anything, it’s a little less information than you might be comfortable with, to be honest. And they’re designed to maximize the cards’ negative space, for a completely new visual experience in the field of card-playing.

Available in your choice of white or black, Minim Playing Cards can be purchased from the Cool Material Shop right here at just under ten bucks a pack.

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