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MiniBrew for Brewing Beer at Home

by Joseph


Making beer at home is a costly and time-consuming process, not to mention the amount of space the necessary apparatus can take up in your home. But as is the case with most things these days, there’s now an easier way, in the form of the simply named MiniBrew system.

MiniBrew takes the “craft” out of craft beer, reducing the process of home brewing down to something that more closely resembles a home coffee maker for how simple and quick it is. Virtually every stage of the brewing process is automatically controlled, but you’re the one who controls the ingredients and recipes.

You can get more information on the MiniBrew home beer brewing system at the product’s website right here, which will also show you how to contribute to its ongoing crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Pre-orders start at just under $2,000, which really isn’t much far as home brewing setups are concerned.

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