Home Tech & Gear Mini Crossbow from Uncommon Carry Fires Toothpicks, Matches

Mini Crossbow from Uncommon Carry Fires Toothpicks, Matches

by Joseph
Mini Crossbow

Mini Crossbow

Ah, the mighty crossbow, a weapon feared and respected through every corner of the realm for its efficiency, accuracy, and the fact that it makes a cool sound when you fire it. Then, there’s the Mini Crossbow from Uncommon Carry, which also has the potential to be feared and respected throughout the realm, provided it’s a very small realm.

How mini is the Uncommon Carry Mini Crossbow? Enough to use toothpicks and matchsticks as its ammunition, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it doesn’t have formidable power – purportedly, the Mini Crossbow can fire its small makeshift arrows as far as 30-50 feet.

You can get your own Mini Crossbow right here, where it’s priced at just under $45, and includes “a screwdriver, an extra metal string and bow, and a stand for display and easy firing.” Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Jean-Claude Van Damme kills a bad guy with one in his next movie to see it in action.

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