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Mindset: Smart Headphones Engineered to Optimize Concentration

by Joseph


As a freelance writer, I often think to myself about how much more I could get done if I could just improve my concentration. I’m probably not alone in that regard, which is why there’s a market for Mindset, a new set of smart headphones that are designed specifically to aid concentration.

Music’s power to aid in concentration is well known, and a good set of noise-canceling headphones only enhances that power. But Mindset goes a great deal further than that thanks to its built-in EEG sensors that monitor your brainwaves and can tell when your concentration is tanking—an audio cue to snap to it follows, and as the headphones learn about your work and concentration habits they can even help you schedule your work periods for optimum concentration.

Provided you’re able to focus, you can get more information on Mindset smart headphones at the product’s Kickstarter listing here, where pre-orders start at $209 and up.

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