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‘Mindless Violence’: An Adult Coloring Book From Modern Toss

by Joseph
Mindless Violence

Mindless Violence

Adult coloring books are a hot trend these days, but they tend to focus on either abstract patterns or tranquil scenes that don’t reflect real adult life at all. You know what does reflect real adult life? Mindless Violence, a new adult coloring book now available from Modern Toss.

Mindless Violence, as its title suggests, is a collection of scenes of violence of the particularly brainless and stupid variety, allowing you to “experience an overwhelming sense of inner peace as you immerse yourself and your pencils in a world of detail and surprises.” Just don’t go out and try any mindless violence of your own after you get done coloring.

To put just a little Trump rally into your adult coloring book experience, head over to the Modern Toss online store right here, where copies of the Mindless Violence adult coloring book are currently going for around $15 in American dollars.

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