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‘Mindhunter’: Netflix Serial Killer Show’s Official Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


Earlier this year Netflix released a teaser for Mindhunter, the upcoming FBI/serial killer thriller with David Fincher serving as executive producer. Now, a full trailer for the series has come out, and even though Fincher is just an EP it has a vaguely Fincherian flavor.

Mindhunter is based on Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, a nonfiction book by John E. Douglas about his work with the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, devoted to the unpleasant but important work of getting into the heads of serial killers, to try to figure out how they think and how to catch them at the beginnings of their killing sprees, rather than letting them follow the Zodiac model of psycho-killer infamy.

Check out the trailer for Mindhunter below. As for the series itself, the entire first season comes to Netflix just in time for your Halloween celebrations on October 13th.

Here’s the trailer:


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