Home Entertainment ‘Mindhunter’: David Fincher’s New Serial Killer Series for Netflix (Teaser)

‘Mindhunter’: David Fincher’s New Serial Killer Series for Netflix (Teaser)

by Joseph


David Fincher and serial killers go to together like Ernst Lubitsch and breakfast. He made Seven, about a serial killer with a grand design and a statement to make, Zodiac, about the real-life (and never caught) Zodiac Killer, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, about a serial killer who runs amok on an island in Sweden somewhere. Now, he’s put his name on Mindhunter, an upcoming Netflix original series, a teaser for which is now online.

As executive producer, Fincher’s creative involvement in Mindhunter is likely slim, but the teaser for the series does have an undeniably Fincherian feel. Like Zodiac, the series is based on a non-fiction book—a memoir by FBI profiler John Douglas—and features an FBI profiler whose job it is to get inside the heads of serial killers.

You can watch the teaser for Mindhunter below. And if you’re ready to hunt some minds, or at least watch someone else do so, hit up your nearest Netflix account in October, when the series’ first season is set to premiere.

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