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Mind Journal: Unlock Your Brain for Writing

by Joseph
Mind Journal

Mind Journal

As someone who churns out a lot of words almost every day, let me tell you, some days it’s easier than others. And, evidently, at least when it comes to writing down your own introspective thoughts and not quick summaries of products and cultural items refined gentlemen might click on, it’s especially hard for guys. That’s why the Mind Journal exists.

The Mind Journal is billed as “a groundbreaking new journal for men,” and it’s got more than just blank pages inside. It also has specially-formulated questions and other prompts that were designed and perfected by months of research to prime even the most stubborn psychological pumps out there, turning even taciturn dudes into enthusiastic journal-keepers.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Mind Rider, you can pre-order your own Mind Journal at the product’s Kickstarter page right here. Prices start at $40, which gets you a nicely crafted leather journal good for approximately six weeks of writing every day — unless you get carried away and fill it all up in the first week, in which case you might want to just buy 40 regular composition notebooks instead.

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