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Mind Control TV Technology Developed by BBC

by Joseph
Mind Control TV

Mind Control TV

It figures that in the future, our TVs will know what we want to watch before we know it ourselves. We’re not quite there yet, but thanks to the BBC we’re now a little bit closer, thanks to technology they’re calling Mind Control TV, a system that uses a headset to let users control a special version of the BBC iPlayer using only … their minds.

Mind Control TV is only in the prototype stage, but BBC says it works, and the potential for such a device goes far beyond simple convenience or novelty value. It also means that those with serious physical disabilities could use this kind of mind control tech to break free of their own invisible restraints, and control not just TVs but computers, and one day perhaps even cars or other vehicles.

BBC’s Mind Control TV was developed in conjunction with the UK’s The Place, a tech company that specializes in brain control systems. You can read a lot more about it over at the BBC’s blog here.

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