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MIMA Light: A House That Appears to Levitate

by Joseph
MIMA Light

MIMA Light

Levitation is so hot right now – but if you’re not content with floating trees or chopsticks, you may not be satisfied until you can actually live in a house that floats a few feet above the ground (or appears to, anyway). For you, there’s the MIMA Light, a modular home with a built-in optical levitation illusion.

I hate to ruin the trick, so if you want to keep on believing in magic you can go ahead and skip this middle paragraph. But for the hardened cynics out there, it’s a simple series of mirrored panels that encase the house’s wooden foundation, making it appear to levitate while everyone inside doesn’t have to worry about jumping up and down too hard or anything like that.

It’s a cool idea for a home, and if you’re in Europe you can own either a 9m or 12m version – or at least you will once pricing information becomes available. For now, check out the MIMA Light at MIMA Housing’s official site right here.


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