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‘Million Dollar Walk’: Armory Show Piece Lets You Carry Around $1 Million Cash

by Joseph
Million Dollar Walk

Briefcases full of a million dollars cash are a common enough sight in novels and movies, but few of us will ever get the chance even to see one in real life, let alone carry one around. But artist Jonathan Schipper is trying to “even the playing field” with a new interactive art piece at the Armory Show entitled Million Dollar Walk.

Million Dollar Walk allows visitors to carry a briefcase full of a million real dollars around New York’s Pier 94, home to the Armory Show. But before you start gathering a crew for the heist of the century, you should know that the piece also has several strict security measures – anybody who participates has to submit to fingerprinting and leave their ID while they take the case, which is handcuffed to their wrist and accompanied by a (presumably muscular) friend of Schipper’s.

It’s a really cool idea for an interactive art piece about the dirty little intersections out there between art and money. But even if you can’t make it out to the Armory Show this weekend, you can take a look at some photos of Million Dollar Walk in action on the gallery below, and check out the show’s official site here.

Here’s the gallery:

Million Dollar WalkMillion Dollar WalkMillion Dollar WalkMillion Dollar Walk

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