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Milk Ultra Light Moisturiser

by Joseph
Milk Ultra Light Moisturizer

Milk Ultra Light Moisturizer

One of the jewels of Milk’s line of high-quality moisturizers is their Ultra Light Moisturizer.

Milk’s Ultra Light Moisturizer has got stuff like Aloe vera and Spirulina extract, so it nourishes as well as moisturizes.

Although at least one review is saying that Milk Ultra Light Moisturizer isn’t as “light” as the name implies (you can read it here), it’s getting good marks everywhere else on the moisturizer board. It’s good for everyday use, and it doesn’t have a fragrance, so that’s good news for people who are sick of fancy and weird-smelling moisturizers.

If that describes you, you can get a $15 bottle of Milk Ultra Light Moisturizer from Milk’s website here. If not, have fun smelling like lavender, or whatever.

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