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Miley Cyrus Covers ‘V’ Magazine

by Joseph
Miley Cyrus on V Cover

Miley Cyrus on V Cover

The Miley Cyrus publicity engine spit out another widget recently, as the singer is the subject of the latest V magazine cover story. The story naturally includes some photographs, these shot by Karl Lagerfeld, and at least one of them (the one on the cover) shows Miley in a one-piece fur swimsuit also designed by Lagerfeld.

As for what else Miley Cyrus’ V cover story has to offer, we’ll have to wait closer to September 10th, when the magazine’s 91st issue is set to drop. It’s “The Rebel Issue,” so I doubt anyone will argue with Miley’s placement on the cover, unless the issue is all about the War of Northern Aggression, in which case this is just crass.

For more from V magazine, as well as to pre-order the 91st issue with Miley Cyrus on the cover, head to the magazine’s website here. And for more from Miley Cyrus, just keep your eyes open and I’m sure you’ll see something.

Here’s the full cover:

Miley Cyrus on V Cover(via Hypebeast)

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