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Mikkeller Beer Chips: Chips Made from Beer Ingredients

by Joseph
Mikkeller Beer Chips

Mikkeller Beer Chips

Chips and beer go together almost as well as pizza and beer, chicken and beer, cheeseburgers and beer, another kind of beer and beer, and so on. Small batch chippery Lokale Rødder has teamed up with the Mikkeller brewery for Mikkeller Beer Chips, potato chips made from actual beer ingredients and to replicate actual beer flavors – it’s like eating beer with your beer!

Mikkeller Beer Chips come in two flavors: Malt, Yeast & Hops, a riff on Simcoe hops, and Yeast & Smoke, a chip that will call to mind a Rauchbier or stout. They may be a little bit unusual compared to your standard bar pretzels or nuts, but novelty is everything in this wicked world and Beer Chips certainly provide that.

You can get in on the novelty of Mikkeller Beer Chips by heading over to the official Mikkeller online store right here, where the chips are priced at about six bucks per bag.


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