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Mighty: “The First On-The-Go Spotify Music Player”

by Joseph


Don’t get me wrong – listening to Spotify on my phone is one of the best ways to listen to music, I’ve enhanced many a nighttime walk using this capability. But the simple fact remains that there are times when one wants to bring music – and not one’s phone – out with them. There’s been no dedicated way to do that as far as Spotify as concerned until now, with the revelation of the Mighty.

The Mighty is a stripped down, portable device designed specifically to sync up with your Spotify account and work even when you have no internet or data connection. It can hold more than a thousand songs, multiple playlists, is compatible with Bluetooth headphones and speakers (plus conventional wired connectivity), and works for about five hours on a single charge. Check it out:

What can’t it do? Uh, there’s no shuffle function. But that’s supposedly coming. Get more info and order your Mighty for about $85 at the Mashable online store here.


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