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Mighty Spotify Player: Access Spotify Without Your Smartphone

by Joseph
Mighty Spotify Player

Mighty Spotify Player

If you’re a Spotify user on the go, you’re familiar with the minor annoyance of having to keep your smartphone handy even if you’re working out — not exactly the best time to have a phone in your pocket. Mighty is a solution, allowing you to access all of your Spotify music remotely, even if you’re away from a WiFi connection.

Once you sync up Mighty with your Spotify account via smartphone, it can play all of your music for up to 48 hours, with your phone nowhere in sight. It’s also durable, lightweight (and thus easier to take almost anywhere your phone can’t be, especially if you want to be free of distractions), and easy to use, with a simple five-button interface.

The Mighty Spotify player has got a little over $150,000 left to raise in its Kickstarter campaign here, where pre-orders start at $79. If you were looking for a way to get the most out of that Spotify Premium subscription, this could be one way to go.

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