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The Migaloo: A Superyacht/Submarine (Photos)

by Joseph
The Migaloo
The MigalooThe MigalooThe MigalooThe Migaloo


An industrial firm by the name of Motion Code: Blue has unveiled their plans for the Migaloo.

So what exactly is a Migaloo?  It’s a fantastic luxury yacht that doubles as a submarine!

While still in the concept stage, the Migaloo is a reason for anyone interested in the future of nautical luxury to get excited.  Even at this early phase of the Migaloo’s development, it’s clear that this will be a toy for the super-rich. Some are even speculating that it could appear in the next James Bond movie, which is the only way most of us will ever get close to it.

For more on the Migaloo and its proposed features, you can take a look at the gallery above, or check out the Born Rich website here. You can also visit Motion Code: Blue’s Facebook page here.

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