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Middle Finger Candle: For Rude Candle Lovers

by Joseph
Middle Finger Candle

Middle Finger Candle

Candles, as I understand them, are intended to create an inviting, comfortable, and soothing atmosphere in one’s home or place of business. But it seems that one might often have other priorities entirely when choosing a candle, and for those times the Middle Finger Candle would be more than appropriate.

The first thing I notice when looking at the Middle Finger Candle is not even its universally recognized rude salute, but the meticulous realism of its paraffin wax body.  It looks just like a real hand, calling to mind visions of Thing from The Addams Family, if the Addams family were in an R-rated movie instead of a 1960s TV show.

You can purchase the Middle Finger Candle, which, thankfully for all of us, is not scented, from the Cool Material Shop right here, where it’s priced at a defiant $42.95. That’s a small price to pay for what just might be the definitive candle for our times.

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